Best Jalupro Dermal Fillers Australia

The products in the Jalupro product line have shown to have an excellent biorevitalizing efficacy and to improve visible signs of skin aging and photoaging. The products are designed to reduce skin wrinkles significantly, making the skin look smoother and firmer.

In the Jalupro line, there are two types of injectable, dermal biorevitalizers: Jalupro and Jalupro HMW. The main benefit of Jalupro is the high concentration of amino acids. Over time, skin gets old, loses tone, elasticity, brightness, and volume, and subsequently skin winkles appear. In order to reduce the signs of aging, amino acids are essential to improve the skin quality by increasing cell vitality and cell number. As a result, Jalupro makes the skin look more revived.

  • Jalupro Super Hydro 2.5ml


    The pack consists of:

    • 1 syringe x 2,5 ml

    Composition of the product:

    • 80mg hyaluronic acid (HA LMW + HMW)
    • 3 Peptides: Acetyl Decapeptide 3, Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5, Oligopeptide 24
    • 7 Amino acids: Glycine, Proline, Lysine, Alanine, Valine, Elastin, Arginnie, Leucine

    Benefits of Jalupro Super Hydro:

    • Deeply cleanses the skin
    • Provides a gentle exfoliation
    • Bio revitalizing treatment
    • Protects the extracellular matrix
    • Stimulates the fat pad’s structure for a younger look

    How long does the result last for?

    The results are instant from the first treatment and last up to 6 months in general. It is recommended to get a maintenance injection after 6 months.

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